Prioritizing High Impact Transportation Improvements & Stopping $17 Tolls on I-66

Transportation continues to be one of the top challenges we face daily as residents of Fairfax County, and specifically as residents of the Dranesville District. Despite the 2013 tax increases to fund transportation projects, our corridors are still some of the most highly congested in the nation. Route 7 is one of the most chronic chokepoints in Dranesville, yet there is currently no funding allocated for its widening from Reston Avenue to Jarrett Valley Drive.

In addition to Route 7, other corridors such as 66, 495 and the American Legion Bridge contribute to the nearly 1,000,000 hours Northern Virginians waste in traffic every day according to VDOT. Exacerbating our transportation challenges are the ever-increasing tolls on the Dulles Toll Road, which are projected to increase 70% by 2023. Dranesville needs a strong advocate to ensure we get our fair share of the tax dollars we are paying each day for transportation improvements on these highly congested routes.

As Supervisor, I will fight tirelessly to secure full funding for the completion of Route 7 widening through Dranesville. I will ensure that we focus our precious transportation resources on high impact projects that move the most people in the most efficient manner with the least amount of congestion. This includes finding viable solutions to I-66 that bring short term congestion relief, while preserving the corridor for future expansion of Metro when the density warrants it. Finally, Dulles Airport is a critical asset to our region and our economy. To protect the airport and those who use it, I will not support tolling the airport access road. 

As a proponent of funding transportation projects that reduce congestion for the largest number of people, I am 100% opposed to the proposal to toll I-66 inside the beltway. This proposal, concocted by Richmond, is nothing more than poor transportation planning and will result in drivers paying up to $17 for a round trip commute. Those who cannot afford these tolls will be forced to take neighborhood roads, which are already clogged because of a lack of infrastructure. Charging people to drive on roads that they are being taxed to pay for, without adding a single new lane to them, is simply wrong and I will be the leading voice against this proposal on the Board of Supervisors.