Press Release: Chronis Outraised Opponent Again; Top Fundraiser Amongst Fairfax Challengers




Breakdown by the numbers: 

Total raised: $143,733.43

Total Cash on hand: $92,654.17

Average dollar amount raised per day since campaign launch: $1,027

McLean, VA -- (July 16, 2015) In the most recent campaign finance filing, Jennifer Chronis, Republican Candidate for Dranesville District Supervisor, outraised her opponent again. This strong performance conclusively demonstrates that voters in the Dranesville District are ready for new leadership. Also in this fundraising period, Chronis raised more than any challenger candidate from any party for any office in Fairfax County.

"Our fundraising momentum throughout the campaign has been consistently stronger than my opponent's. This recent report shows a continuation of that trend." Chronis said. "It's obvious that Fairfax County voters are ready for fresh ideas and a new perspective."

"With this fundraising strength, our campaign will continue to gain momentum." Chronis said. "As I meet voters throughout the district every day, they are telling me that they are eager for new leadership and new solutions for Fairfax County. The financial support I have received from hundreds of voters in Dranesville reinforces that message." 

Since Chronis' announcement on February 11th, she raised $143,733.43 and this recent report saw $38,994.99 raised in 33 days; she has $92,427.75 cash on hand. In comparison, 8 year incumbent John Foust has only raised $117,045.29 with only $53,709.37 cash on hand.