Letter: Race for Supervisor in Dranesville Will Be Competitive

Posted: Tuesday, June 2, 2015 9:00 am, InsideNOVA.com

Editor: In response to your May 21 editorial [“Our View: Outrages in Geer Case Still Piling Up”], where you suggest that “would be great if there were some competitive races for county supervisor in November . . . there do not appear to be a whole lot of strongly contested races across Fairfax this fall. That’s a shame.”

Really? You cannot be serious that there are no strong, competitive and viable races and candidates running for the Board of Supervisors. Dranesville has a dynamic Republican candidate running against incumbent Democrat John Foust.  

Jennifer Chronis is as impressive in person as she is on paper.  She is a retired Army lieutenant colonel. She is a native-born Virginian, educated in Fairfax County and an ROTC-scholarship graduate of the University of Virginia. She is also a vice president at IBM.  

Take matters a step further: Chronis already raised an unprecedented $59,273 between Feb. 11 and March 31. Of the 181 total donations received, more than 60 percent were from individuals giving $100 or less. By comparison, her opponent, who has the advantage of incumbency, only managed to raise $30,265.

Chronis is prepared to make tough decisions, and she is accustomed to being asked to think creatively for long-term solutions to problems. She is not comfortable with the same old answers for the new and challenging problems of the present and the future.  She is a 21st-century thinker who wants to find ways to better our transportation infrastructure and our schools without further burdening our homeowners, especially our seniors, with new and ever increasing taxes.  

Jennifer is not only a serious candidate.  She is a great candidate – one we should examine with an open mind.

Joan Albert Dreux, McLean

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