Letter: Chronis has skill sets needed for Board of Supervisors

Posted: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 9:00 am, InsideNOVA.com

Editor: After meeting Jennifer Chronis several times in the last couple of weeks and hearing her speak, I came to the following conclusion: Don’t let the small frame, big smile and soft manner fool you. Chronis does what she sets out to do.

If she says she’ll relieve Fairfax County’s traffic congestion by extending the widening of Route 7 through Tysons Corner, she will. If she says she’ll improve the school system for students and teachers through more efficient use of our tax dollars, she will. And if she says she will promote growth of a stronger, more diversified economy, she will do that, too.

Chronis set out on a military path, she serving in Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm and Bosnia, and emerged a lieutenant colonel. When she entered the civilian workforce upon retirement from the military, she worked her way to an executive position at IBM.

Now Chronis is running for the Board of Supervisors in the Dranesville District, and I’m not going to bet against her. Anyone who is looking for a strong leader that has the experience to make decisions based on facts and realities, while finding common ground to bring people together, will not find a better candidate.

Marty Smith, McLean

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