Letter: Chronis has attributes needed as Fairfax supervisor

Posted: Wednesday, May 6, 2015 10:00 am, InsideNOVA.com

Editor: I am writing to respond to the letter from Sharon Canner [Foust Has Attributed, Experience Needed for Board of Supervisors,” April 23] discussing the Dranesville supervisor election this November.

As a Dranesville resident, I take exception to someone from outside of my district weighing in on the race for my supervisor seat.  

Ms. Canner stated that Jennifer Chronis didn’t have government experience and that she lacked community involvement. Ms. Canner is wrong about Jennifer Chronis’ experience in government. Chronis served in the military for 21 years, including Operations Desert Shield and Storm, was a key leader in a Pentagon task force that worked on protecting our soldiers from IEDs, and was a company commander in Bosnia.  

Maybe Ms. Canner meant that Jennifer is not a career politician, which is true. This is Ms. Chronis’ first time running for public office. Personally, this is one of the reasons that I am supporting Chronis’ campaign, is she is focused on public service, not personal gain.   

Chronis is planning on leaving her executive position at IBM to be a full-time supervisor, and came out against the 27-percent pay increase that our incumbent supervisor, John Foust, just voted for himself.   

Experience is not an asset if it is the wrong kind of experience. Mr. Foust’s experience consists of casting the deciding vote in favor of raising supervisor salaries, constantly supporting property tax increases and failing to address our traffic-congestion problems.   

We need new leadership for Dranesville, not a continuation of what has not worked in the past. Jennifer Chronis will make a great supervisor who will focus the county on the right priorities – restoring our local economy, addressing traffic congestion, and investing school resources in the classroom.

Ellen McKissick, Great Falls

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