Letter: Dedicated to Serve

Posted October 6, 2015, connectionnewspapers.com

To the Editor:

While some saw gender bias at play during the Fairfax County Board of Supervisor debates between Jennifer Chronis and John Foust, I saw a tough woman willing to accept the difficult challenges facing Fairfax County governance. Jennifer understands the need to define a strategy to address the County’s shortfalls and then prioritize how they will be addressed to best meet our needs within the County’s budget. Undoubtedly, she gained valued experience both as a military officer and business leader. Her willingness to go on unpaid leave during this campaign period and then to resign her executive position if elected shows her dedication to public service. Her humility showed through when she admitted that she misspoke during the debate. Most meaningful to me is the fact that she served well in combat zones in the 1990s. This was a transitional period for women in the military; she contributed to greater opportunities for women. This spirit can do the same for Fairfax County.

Jacqueline Gravell, Vienna

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