Kristol Clear #81: Virginia Politics

Posted: Monday, October 5th by WIlliam Kristol,

Virginia politics

It would be great if November got off to such an auspicious start as the Mets winning the World Series. But it would even better if then, on Nov. 3, Republicans followed up by winning some of the local races here in Fairfax County. (Because our state and local elections are held in the odd years, we in Virginia have some electoral excitement every year, not just every two.)

Last week I had the pleasure of appearing at an event in McLean with Jennifer Chronis, the Republican candidate for the Dranesville slot on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. She's a strong candidate--a 21-year Army veteran and businesswoman who'd be a huge step up from the Democratic incumbent now occupying the position. I think Jennifer can win, and was happy to help her out a bit. Indeed, I've already voted for her along with other worthy Republican candidates, casting my ballot "in-person absentee" Saturday, because I'll be out of town on election day. 

Keep an eye on her race, and on the contest in our House of Delegates district (the 34th), which is always close, and where another good Republican candidate, Craig Parisot, is taking on a Democratic incumbent. Remember: If Jennifer and Craig win, it's a harbinger of great things in 2016. If they lose, it's just an idiosyncratic local election.



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