Letter: Time for a Change

Posted October 27, 2015, ConnectionNewspapers.com

To the Editor:

I have been a resident of Great Falls since I moved to Virginia in 1974. When I bought my house the house payments were about $450 a month, which include taxes and loan insurance on my VA loan. Being the frugal person that I am, my plan was to pay off my house so as to ensure that I would have a comfortable place to live after retirement if I decided to stay in the area. Forty one plus years later my Fairfax county taxes alone are $5640.49 or about $470 per month, more than my original house payments. For those taxes I do not have sewer, water, sidewalks or streetlights - none of which I want as limited development ensures low crime and less traffic. Gerry Connolly, now Democrat in the House of Representatives for the 11th Virginia district, gave us 12 years of increased county taxes when he was Fairfax county supervisor before his now secure position in Congress as D/11th district. The bottom line is now we have John Foust who continues pushing for increasing the county taxes as he votes a huge increase in pay for himself, never mind his earlier run trying to get elected to the Virginia house of delegates in Richmond. I know the Fairfax pay increase does not apply during this present term but will only take effect for the next term in which I am sure he is hoping to be serving. Like Connolly, Foust can hope that the voters' memory is short and limited as to substance. It really is time for a change, and Jennifer Chronis is the change that the Dranesville district needs now more than ever.

Dudley Losselyong, Great Falls 

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