Letter: Supporting Chronis

Posted October 28, 2015, ConnectionNewspapers.com

To the Editor:

I have to assume that voters who sing the praises of Supervisor John Foust live in a different universe from mine. They point, without citing specifics, to his “impressive accomplishments,” that he “listens to his constituents,” his “leadership on education.” But what I see is the $20,000 (26 percent) salary increase he voted himself for his part time job as supervisor (quite an accomplishment); I see my taxes increasing 16 percent over the last three years over constituents’ objections (Was he listening?); and I see a county budget that shorts our school system in spite of increased taxes, while Mr. Foust says this year’s budget is as good as we are going to do. If he believes he can’t do better, then you can bet he can’t. That’s leadership?

Jennifer Chronis, a long-time county resident, is career U.S. Air Force, a lieutenant colonel, and more recently a vice president at IBM. Those are achievements you don’t attain without leadership skills. What she is not, is a career politician. Her stated top priority of “growing a vibrant balanced economy” to address the financial needs of Fairfax County is a far better option to meet next year’s projected $95 million shortfall, than endlessly raising taxes. Given her background, demonstrated skills, and obvious work ethic, can we really afford not to elect Jennifer Chronis?

Marty P. Smith, McLean

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