American University Radio: 8 Virginia Political Races To Watch Ahead Of This November's Elections

Posted October 20, 2015,, By Michael Pope

Fairfax County, Drandesville District

Longtime Democratic Supervisor John Foust is the incumbent, but he’s facing a strong Republican challenger in Jennifer Chronis.

Foust ran an unsuccessful campaign for Congress last year, when he was defeated by Republican Barbara Comstock. Now Republicans are hoping to defeat hiim once again, and turn the blue seat red. She’s running on a platform of strengthening the local economy by attracting employers that are not dependent on federal spending. Chronis has raised about $324,000.

Foust is running a platform of diversifying the local economy and attracting what he calls a “knowledge-based economy.” Foust has raised $295,000, which puts him at a relative disadvantage to his challenger despite the fact he’s the incumbent in the race.

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