Washingtonian: The GOP’s Hopes of Reclaiming the White House Start in a Small Corner of Fairfax

Posted on October 20, 2015, Washingtonian.com, By Paul O'Donnell

In February, Jennifer Chronis, an IBM executive from Great Falls, announced she was running as a Republican for supervisor on the Fairfax County board from the Dranesville district, along the county’s northern tier. The seat, occupied by Democrat John Foust, represents one of ten board votes on school budgets and property taxes but also entails arguing over the need for dual left-turn lanes from Route 7 onto Georgetown Pike.

Chronis, a former Army lieutenant colonel, had never been active in politics. Yet by mid-September, she had raised $243,181.40. That’s not nearly a record in the wealthy county, where board races’ budgets can rival those for Congress, but at one point she outpaced Foust by two to one. Her donor sheet, furthermore, is filled with familiar names in the national GOP: George W. Bush solicitor general Ted Olson, former Republican National Committee chair (and 2017 gubernatorial candidate) Ed Gillespie, Bush 41 attorney general William P. Barr, and former Michigan governor John Engler, now president of Business Roundtable.

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